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Feta Cheese Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet Potato and Feta SaladThis recipe came about because it’s winter and I didn’t want to make a regular potato salad.  That probably doesn’t make any sense, but to me potato salad is a summer food, reminiscent of sunshine and picnics.  Serving it up when the temperatures are in the 50s or below is like teasing a child with candy they cannot have.  If it’s not warm outside, don’t show me potato salad. Continue reading

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Cucumber and Tomato SaladI simply love the amazing growing season here in Florida.  We have vine ripened tomatoes in February!  And while it does seem that I am boasting a bit about our fine winter produce, remember that in the middle of the summer, we will be miserable.  The summer heat, humidity and possible hurricanes sort of make up for the harsh winter you might be going through right now.   Continue reading

Rich and Charlie’s Salad

Rich and Charlie's Pasta House Salad

Today we are joining together to help raise awareness for Heart Disease. Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic lost her Mom to heart disease when her mother was 47, and Kim was 15. Each year on the day her Mom passed she shares stories and photos of her Mom. This year she joined forces with Jen of Juanita’s Cocina, whose life was also touched by heart disease when her Stepfather had a heart attack. Jen’s Stepfather is alive and well more than a decade later, and for that, Jen is thankful every day. The ladies got in touch with other bloggers to ask them to share their own stories about how heart disease has touched their lives. So today we share stories and recipes from our hearts to yours, in memory and honour of Momzie, Kim’s Mom. We hope you will share your stories with us today as well. Continue reading

Moroccan Turkey (or chicken) Salad

Moroccan Style Chicken SaladThis is one of those combinations that originated in my imagination.  I love combining sweet and spice and savory all in one dish.  This salad does that and more.  I have made it a couple of times.  The first time, I just ate it plain.  The second time, I thought I’d try it on a bed of cooked sweet potato.  The potato was warm, but not hot.  The salad was cold.  It was actually pretty wonderful and not too unhealthy either. Continue reading

A Really Good Skinny Fruit Dip

Skinny Fruit DipIn the days when I had no kids, I spent my spare time making crafts. I sewed, glued and painted all of the time. I even had a saw to cut out wood. All of that time spent making things produced oodles and oodles of decorations for every holiday. I had Rubbermaid bins from floor to ceiling filled with all sorts of stuff. I couldn’t wait for one holiday to end so I could fill every nook and cranny with cutsie things. Continue reading

Barbecue Ranch Chef Salad

Barbecue Ranch Chef's SaladLast week was all sweet, so I thought I would throw in a few savory dishes before this Thursday’s Oatmeal Raisin Improv which is sure to be filled with some more sweetness.  This is another recipe inspired by my Southern Living books.  My whole family is big on barbecue nowadays.  We cannot go to the movies or shopping or even to the post office without passing a barbecue restaurant.  Those restaurants put out the most amazing smells.  I swear it’s part of their advertising.  How can anyone resist that tantalizing aroma of meat being cooked?? Continue reading

Southwest Chicken Salad Tacos

Southwest Chicken Salad Tacos

Our new family room furniture arrived. I guess it’s almost time to share a few before and after pictures of the house…soon. It’s not the couches that sparked this post, though. It was the giant box that I snagged from the delivery men. It is now a house in Princess Pat’s room. When I looked out my front door and saw an 8’X4’X3′ box, I knew it should not go to waste. I asked if I could have it. The men laughed and said I was the first person who had wanted them to leave a box behind, but sure, I could have it. Continue reading

Let Me Introduce the Improv-ers: Teaspoon of Spice

I love healthy blogs.  I love seeing the beautiful colors of fruits and vegetables.  I love seeing how good tasting healthy food can be.  I think after the Great Migration of 2012 is over in a few weeks, I may have to start visiting the Jacksonville Farmer’s Market…but enough about me.  Today is all about Serena, one half of  the Teaspoon of Spice blog.  She and her writing partner are both dieticians.  They also host the Recipe Redoux, a monthly challenge where a bunch of healthy foodies follow a  theme to come up with healthy, gorgeous recipes. Continue reading

Potato Salad

Classic Potato Salad

Summer = Potato Salad in my book.  Now that Tropical Storm Debby is out to sea, it’s time to start making plans for July 4th.  Last year at this time, we were all packed up and ready for a big move to Florida.  This year, we are actually getting ready to pack up one more time….We are buying a house ten miles from the one we are in right now.  However, the move is weeks away and because it’s so local, I am not even worrying about it yet, other than the occasional thought about where I should set up my photography station. Continue reading

Introducing the Improv-ers: Cucina 49

You know, we all have different talents.  Some people are incredible musicians or artists, others are cooks, while still others just know how to make you feel welcome.  My favorite bloggers tell a great story, feeding my soul while my eyes drool over their food.  Krista from Cucina 49 has just such a voice.  Her preambles are just as much fun to read as her recipes.  She recently took us on her trip to Europe.  Earlier in the year, she invited us to the theater and to participate in a Passover seder…all in the exciting state of Alaska.  If you haven’t discovered her blog, you need to add her to your reading list. Continue reading

Taco Salad

Taco Salad

I made taco salad a few weeks ago for my family.  It’s a favorite among all the varying palates in my household.  I decided to get fancy for my photos and put a little bit in tiny little glasses, but in the end, it was fake.  Really, folks, after taking the photos, I brought  ALL of the glasses back to the kitchen, dumped them into a bowl, and added even more to serve one person.  I was completely dissatisfied with the way the photos came out.  So I made the salad again a week later. Continue reading

Saucy Mama Honey Mustard Chicken Salad in Endive Cups

Chicken Salad in Endive CupsI love chicken salad in croissants.  For years it’s been my go to girlie luncheon menu choice.  Now that I am gluten-free, however, those buttery, fat laden, delicious croissants are a thing of my past.   Chicken salad, on the other hand, is not off limits.  Now my salad vehicle of choice is a green leaf.  Lettuce is good, but Belgian Endive is more fun.  Who can resist picking up a scoop full of delicious chicken salad? Continue reading

Holiday Green Salad

I found this salad recipe years ago in a Taste of Home magazine.  It was called Merry Berry Salad and is perfectly colored for a Christmas dinner.  However, I was thinking that if you threw a bag of fresh cranberries in the freezer right now, this would make a lovely addition to a Valentine’s dinner, too.  After all, it is red.  And it is kind of fancy…sort of…for a tossed salad.  Let me just tell you the dressing is TO DIE FOR.  Because the recipe always makes way more dressing than salad, and because I never remember to write that on the recipe, I am thinking of trying it as a marinade for some chicken. Continue reading