Saturday Stories is a feature I started in 2009 to record my family history.  Because my parents are some of the last of their generation, I have been picking their brains for stories of my grandparents, great grandparents and beyond.  I also record some of the stories of my own childhood and a few of my own kids’, too.

My Kids
Celebrating a New Year
Calling on Angels
The Emergency Room
The Old Stompin’ Grounds
Boys Will Be Boys
Halloweens of Not So Yesteryear
Having a Rainbow Family
Look Alikes
A Little About the Thinker Son
A Little About the Engineer Son

My Generation
Telling Tales on My Brothers
Over the River and Through the Woods
Dueling Grandmas
A Lesson in Graciousness
Our Trip to Ireland
The Rest of Our Trip to Ireland
Some Broken bones

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

My Parents Generation
A Case of Mistaken Identity
Merry Christmas and a Saturday Story
College Pranks
A Love Story
Home Remedies
Eating What You Are Served
Memorable Cakes
Small Town USA at the End of an Era
Mom’s Pets
B-52 Stories
Mom’s First Trip out of the USA
Our Very Own Dennis the Menace
Mom Goes to College
The Games People Play
A New Bride in the Kitchen
He Said/She Said
When Mom Saw Santa
When Polio Struck
A Little About My Dad
An Example of Love
Life with Suzie
My Dad vs. the FBI
While I Am at It

My Grandparents

A Real Valentine
The Family That Plays Together
Staying in Shape in the 1930s
Halloween: More Tricks than Treats
Giving Up a Habit
Mamie’s Cakes
What Do We Do in the Summertime?
Looking at Family from a Grown Up Perspective
Overview of an Epic Journey
It’s a Small World
The Trouble with New Shoes
Hopping Trains
Rain, Rain Go Away
The Hobo Jungle
The End of the Journey
Some of Bumpa’s Adventures
Recording the Past
Stories I Found Out Along the Way
Alton and Marion
Thanksgiving Memories

My Great Grandparents
Losing An Irish Heritage
A Romance
Animal Lovers
Nonny’s Frugality
Nonny and Pa

My Great Great Grandparents
Grandma I.
My Great Great Grandmother

Multi Generational Stories
Snow Days
Food That Brought Us Together
Military Service
An Inevitable Part of Life
Where Were You When It Happened?
Happy Mother’s Day
In the Cause of Freedom
Hard Times are Nothing New
Saving Hidden Treasures
Skeletons in the Closet