The Improv Cooking Challenge

This is the home of the Improv Cooking Challenge, a monthly party where everyone takes the same two assigned ingredients and lets their imaginations run wild.  It doesn’t matter what other ingredients we use, whether we make something savory or sweet.  You do NOT have to be a blogger to participate.  But if you are a blogger, please make sure these are New-to-Your-Blog recipes, not links to things you have already published.

There is no obligation to participate every month.  Once you sign up with the Facebook group, you can check in each month when I post the ingredient guidelines and linky codes (for bloggers). If you have too many things going on that month, you do nothing.  If you choose to participate, great!  If you find that you never participate and don’t want to have one more Facebook group notification, just leave the group.  No one will hound you to participate.

We  begin posting every third Thursday of each month at 9am Eastern Time. (you are allowed a big window to link your post)

Current and upcoming THEMES:

Improv Dates:

16 January: Cheese and Crackers
20 February: Bread and Butter
20 March: Sausage and Mushrooms
17 April: Ebony and Ivory
15 May: Lemon and Lime
19 June: Berries and Cream
17 July: Popcorn and Peanuts
21 August: Beans and Bacon
18 September: Milk and Honey
16 October: Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Nov 20 November: Apples and Cinnamon
Dec 18 December: Red and Green

for international bloggers please feel free to use the following converter to get the right date and time for your post:

A note on ingredients: you may substitute similar products to fit dietary restrictions (vegan, kosher, gluten-free, etc.) Please make note of it in the recipe introduction.

New Members: If you are interested in participating in the Improve Challenge I need you to join the Improv Challenge Facebook Group. I will post the linky codes and any ingredient instructions on that page each month.

Step One: Make a new-to-your- blog recipe using the two assigned ingredients.  Your post will be removed from the linky if it’s an old post.  If you are not a blogger, simply post a picture and the recipe to the Facebook group.

Step Two:  All posts must include a link to this blog.  Your post will be removed if it doesn’t have the link. If posting straight to Facebook, do not worry about steps 2-4.

Step Three: Attach the blog hop code at the bottom of your post.  I will have put a link to the codes on the Facebook page.

Step Four: Set your post to publish on the designated reveal date between 9am Eastern Time and the following day at 11:59pm EST.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free ask on Facebook.  I may not have the answers immediately if it’s a technical problem, but someone in the group might.

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