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Christmas Tree Cinnamon Twists

Turn traditional cinnamon rolls into  memorable Christmas Tree Cinnamon Twists!Christmas Tree Cinnamon TwistsSo many of us serve cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.  I thought it was just my family, but then I married into The Good Guy’s family and realized that it was a much more wide-spread tradition.   As I have grown older and talked with friends about their holidays, it seems like many people serve something sweet while presents are being opened.  So, after I found a photo of a Christmas tree shaped cinnamon roll with no directions, I set about fixing that problem.  This Christmas Tree Cinnamon Twist is sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces!

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Gluten and Refined Sugar Free Cinnamon Rolls Version 1.0

My brother was recently diagnosed with adult onset Type 1 Diabetes.  It’s a bit of a shock, because I always thought it would be me or my other brother that got it, because our body types run more like my father’s side of the family and that’s where the Diabetes lurks.  As he starts adjusting to what this means for him, I want to help make some of the transition easier for him.  Gluten and Refined Sugar Free Cinnamon Rolls Continue reading

#Cookbook Review: Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook

With the holidays literally just around the corner, I hope you are getting lots of gift ideas from the cookbook reviews I have been doing.  Or maybe you are making a list for what you want to add to your own cookbook library.  Either way, here is another book that you may want to put on that list.  The author, Jessica Fisher, is a fellow blogger and frugal mama whose busy life has led her to budgeting her time and utilizing her freezer.  In fact, I used to link up to her “ultimate recipe swap” year ago at Life As Mom. Continue reading

Apricot Butterhorns

Apricot Butterhorns #apricot #rolls #yeastLong time readers will remember that my grandmother ran a restaurant out of her home in the 1950s.  It was by reservation only.  No one could just show up and expect a seat.  By doing this, Mamie always knew approximately how much food to make.  She offered menu choices to the person making the reservation and everything was pre-ordered.  When guests arrived and were seated, they were brought these Apricot Butterhorns instead of regular rolls and butter.  Continue reading

Apple Strudel Bread: Eating the Alphabet

Apple Strudel Bread

Have you ever had the Apple Strudel Bread that Costco sells?  It’s called Innkeeper’s Bed & Breakfast Apple Strudel Bread.  A long time ago, I fell in love with it.  However, at the time I was not comfortable making bread, so I did not attempt to make it at home.  Now, years later, I have been contemplating the bread and searching the internet for copycats.  The last motivational push I needed was a new  blogging challenge called Eating the Alphabet, created by Brenda from Meal Planning Magic.  Each month we are posting recipes featuring fruit or vegetables that start with certain letters.    This month is A or B. Continue reading

Mediterranean Pizza: Sour Cream and Lemon Improv Challenge

Mediterranean Chicken Pizza

Welcome to another month’s Improv Challenge!  January is all about Sour Cream and Lemons.  I fully intended to make lemon hand pies with sour cream crust this month.  I had it all planned out.  I had found a couple of recipes to use as spring boards to create something wonderful.  And then BANG!  My mind was beset with thoughts of pizza.  And oh boy!  What a pizza this was, especially seeings it was my last wheat pizza. Continue reading

My New Favorite Dinner Roll Recipe

My Favorite Rolls

I have a lot of roll recipes that I have used over the years.  When I am in a hurry and want a lighter, easy roll, I make Spoon Rolls which are made in a muffin tin and look like yeast muffins.  They are really good.  Sometimes, though, I want the flavor of a potato bread, so I make rolls from potato flakes.  However, this year I wanted something even better.  I think I found it in this recipe. Continue reading

Asiago Garlic Rolls: Secret Recipe Club

Asiago Garlic Rolls

It’s Secret Recipe Club time.  I think I speak for most of the members when I say that this may possibly be one of the most fun groups I have ever joined.  You can check out all of the details on the Secret Recipe Club blog.  Basically, each month we are assigned another blog from which we must choose at least one recipe, make it, and blog it.  We are divided into 4 groups.  I am in group “B” which, as you can see by the links below, has about 75 members.  We all reveal our posts at the same time all over the world.  My assigned blog this month was My Hobbie Lobbie where Trisha writes from India. Continue reading

Breakfast Braid

Breakfast Braid filled with sausage, cheese and potatoes

It’s Secret Recipe Club time again for the “B” Group.  There are so many members now, that there are 4 groups starting next month!  With one group revealing each week, Amanda and her team have their hands full.  There is now a blog devoted to the Secret Recipe Club as well as twitter and facebook.  It is a regular phenomenon. Continue reading

Maple Twists: Revisiting an Old Post

Homemade Maple Twists from Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker

Do you make homemade donuts (doughnuts?)?  A few years ago, I would have said no.  I thought that there was no way I could produce anything like a donut shop.  After trying them, though, I found out that they aren’t nearly as scary as I though.  Now, when my kids ask if they can have donuts the next day, I don’t plan a quick trip to Walmart or Dunkin’, I simply plan to get up a little earlier so I can set the yeast dough to rise.

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Challah Bread

Challah Bread

It’s time once again for The Secret Recipe Club.  Our numbers have tripled since last month.   It’s been a lot of fun, though, visiting new blogs and reading all of the great recipes.  This month, I was given Flamingo Musings from which to find a recipe.  I enjoyed  reading through her blog and frankly, was having a hard time choosing until I happened upon her Challah bread.  Challah has been on my culinary bucket list for years and here was a chance to cross it off!  There is something about saying Challah with that guttural “ch,” that always makes me smile. Continue reading

Stuffed French Toast

Stuffed French ToastWhen you ask someone from Arizona if they would like to try some strawberry pepper jam, the first thing that pops into their head is jalapeno peppers or Hatch or poblano or any of the plentiful peppers grown and eaten with abandon in the American Southwest.  However, when the East India Company (yes, the original East India Company of colonial times and the Boston Tea Party) asked me if I would like to sample and review some of their jam, it was a completely different pepper they had added.  Black pepper.  And it was brilliant! Continue reading

Rye Spelt Bread

Rye Spelt Bread

Have you ever gone into a grocery store and bought ingredients because you have always wanted to use them, but really had no particular plan?  That happened to me a little while ago.  I was in a health food store (a very dangerous place for me) and got stuck in the bulk food section.  I kept thinking about how I really needed to make more whole grain breads.  So, I bagged up a few cups of spelt flour, rye flour, sorghum flour and, well, even more and took them home to my freezer.  This last week, I decided to tackle “odd flours.” Continue reading

Flax Wheat Bread

Flax Wheat Bread

This is one of my favorite “healthy” breads.  If you have taken a look through the yeast bread section of my recipe page, you will find that I am much more likely to make a maple ring or a carrot cake donut than a whole wheat bread.  I am working on that….slowly.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy good-for-me foods.  They just aren’t as fun.  I am working on that, too….slowly. Continue reading

Fruit Filled Wreath

Fruit Filled Sweet Dough Wreath
When I made the maple pecan breakfast ring, I had some leftover dough (I doubled the recipe).  Wanting to make something a little less sweet, I simply filled this one with stewed dried plums.  Did any of you catch the clever marketing ploy the plum/prune producers pulled a few years ago when they started calling prunes dried plums?  Instead of thinking about clogged-up geriatric patients, we can feel hip and clever by eating dried plums.   Continue reading