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Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

I have never made a skillet cookie or brownie or cake before. I have seen many all over the internet. I have also seen little mini-skillets sold in stores attached to cookie and brownie mixes. While I have been tempted by these awesome looking treats, I have been reluctant to dig out my cast iron because it involves sitting on the kitchen floor and removing about ten pans that are kept in front of them.Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Continue reading

Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies (Flourless)This is the most amazing recipe.  I say that not because there is something special about the ingredients or the taste, no, I say it because it is so huge.  In fact, I have halved the original recipe.  Perhaps these were called Monster Cookies because it’s a monster,  humongous batch.  As it is, be prepared to have cookies cooling on every surface of your kitchen if you make these.  Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Biscoff Filled Ritz Sandwiches

chocolate covered biscoff ritz

I get tired just thinking about the holiday rush.  We add so many things to our schedules: gift giving, buying, wrapping; decorating the inside and outside of our homes; parties at school, work, church and home; concerts or other musical festivals, recitals, etc.  As we pile more and more into our already busy lives, we also feel guilt because we aren’t extra loving, charitable or kind 24/7 as we try to get everything done.  Songs about good cheer simply add fuel to the fire. Continue reading