My grandmother ran a restaurant out of her home in the 1950s. She continued catering and baking magnificent wedding cakes during the 1960s. She ended her culinary career as head baker for the local school district in the 1970s.

My mother has been teaching others to cook, catering weddings and holding amazing dinner parties for decades.

Me, well, I am a mom of five that has baked professionally, catered, and taught cooking classes.  With generations of  great cooks behind me,  I continue to push my culinary limits while trying to keep up with the laundry five kids create.   In the process, I am finding ways to save money, make things at home that I would have bought at the grocery store a few years ago,  and still create delicious, homey foods.

family 2010

Recently, I was ordered to go gluten free by my doctor.   I continue to cook full-flour for my family, but am finding it exciting to have this new challenge in the kitchen for gluten free me.


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