Combating Digestive Issues with Lifeway Kefir

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My house is full of folks who suffer various digestive maladies.  My husband has IBS, which speeds everything up, I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which slows everything down and my kids eat weird things in large quantities (ask my son, The Engineer about the gallon of eggnog he drank in one day last Christmas!), which does crazy things to their stomachs.  As a result, the topic of digestive health often comes up when I am chatting with friends.  Just a few weeks ago, one of my girlfriends told me that I really needed to try kefir.  She was drinking it every day and had noticed a significant difference in her digestion.

Lifeway Kefir Lowfat Cultured Milk Smoothies #KefirCreations #shopI planned to buy some and then this opportunity from #CollectiveBias came along.  It was kismet.  I hurried over to my local Winn Dixie and popped the three varieties of Lifeway Kefir Cultured Lowfat Milk Smoothies that they carried into my shopping cart.  I thought the kefir might be by the  yogurt, because they are food cousins, but I couldn’t find them.  After asking a nice clerk, I found them just down from the milk, next to the  milk substitutes.

Lifeway Kefir Lowfat Cultured Milk Smoothies #KefirCreations #shopA little aside here: For any of you who don’t know what kefir  (pronounced keh-FEER), might be, it’s a smooth, tart, refreshing cousin of yogurt.  Originating in Eastern Europe centuries ago, kefir’s probiotic cultures have long been enhancing feelings of well-being (read: helping your digestive tract move along properly).  Lifeway Kefir Lowfat Cultured Milk Smoothies contain 12 live and active probiotic cultures.  It’s 99% lactose free, it’s gluten free, it contains no artificial sweeteners, and is rich in calcium.  Lifeway only uses milk from cows that are not treated with pesticides, antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.  The cows are grass fed and GMO free.

Lifeway Kefir Lowfat Cultured Milk Smoothies #KefirCreations #shopWhen I got home from Winn Dixie, I poured a cup of Strawberry-Banana and took it to my husband.  His problem outshine (in a bad way) all of the rest in our home.  I asked him to drink it and tell me what he thought.    I also gave some to my daughter and one son.  Another son came home 30 minutes later and drank the rest of the quart (about 20 ounces).  My husband, daughter and first son were not expecting the tartness of the drink and were skeptical.  I tried the raspberry flavor and loved it.  My other two sons also thought the raspberry was good.    The plain kefir was reminiscent of buttermilk and worked just like buttermilk in a batch of gluten free cornbread that I whipped up later that day.

Substitute Lifeway Lowfat Plain Kefir for buttermilk in recipes #KefirCreations #shopThere was no noticeable difference in my husband’s life because of the kefir, but jumpin’ jehosophat!,  I have experienced a huge difference.  I have read over and over that people with bad thyroids need more probiotics in their lives.  I am now completely converted.  I am so excited that Lifeway #KefirCreation is such a tasty way of getting those good cultures into me, too.  If you have been meaning to add probiotics to your diet, I highly recommend that you try Lifeway Kefir!!

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5 thoughts on “Combating Digestive Issues with Lifeway Kefir

  1. This is really interesting. I have seen kefir a lot lately, but I didn’t even consider trying it because I am lactose intolerant. So I am intrigued by the fact that it is “99% lactose free”.

  2. I wish we still lived near each other. I’ve been growing my own kefir the last few months. I’d give you a starter culture. I too have low thyroid function & my digestive system has been much happier of late.

    1. I wish we lived by each other, too! My friend actually gave me a start and it’s in my fridge.

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