Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

Hershey's Chocolate CakeLast week was Princess Pat’s 7th birthday.  It is hard to believe that so much time has passed since her arrival.  She has brought such a sweetness to our rough and tumble household.  I always used to say that I’d ruin a girl, so I had to have sons, but maybe Someone knew better.Hershey's Chocolate CakeThis year for her birthday, she wanted a chocolate cake.  She didn’t want just any chocolate cake, she wanted a three layer cake.  Well, I only have two cake pans that are the same size, so I decided to slice each layer in half and go for a four layer cake.  She was so excited.  I was more excited that she wanted a grown up cake and that I wouldn’t have to try to fake fancy decorating skills that I do not possess.  Yay!Hershey's Chocolate CakeThis was what my husband refers to as a chocolate bomb.  It was rich and tasty and required at least one glass of milk to go with it.   I got the recipe for both the cake and frosting from Hersheys.com.  I have had a lot of good luck with their recipes and thought you might like to know that, too, just in case you hadn’t tried any.  I doubled the frosting recipe to have enough for all of the layers.  I made it the day before the birthday and had to stop one of my sons from taking a spoon and eating frosting straight from the bowl after school.

You can find the recipe HERE.    I don’t usually post without a recipe, but I didn’t change it at all, so I won’t feel badly if you leave my site and go over there.   Don’t be mad that the recipe isn’t here.  It’s a copyright thing.

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