My Holiday Home

There have been a lot of folks that asked about our new home here in Florida.  I moved in August, but within the week my husband was accidentally shot and everything scattered to the four winds.  I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and show you how it’s decorated this year and also show you some before photos, too.

The front door has a garland around it with nonbreakable balls hanging from it.  There is a poinsettia on either side of the door, too.

Originally, our home was multicolored.  Walls ranged from mustard to aqua to pink.  There was very damaged carpet in every room.

We tiled in all of the living areas (except the kitchen) and painted all of the walls a warm cream color. We also either replaced or painted the light fixtures.

The sun room doesn’t have much furniture yet.  It gets enough good light that I have set up my photography table out there.  We can open up two of the three sliding doors to make a great big area.

This was the dining room.  I am not too fond of spilling soup on carpet, so it had to go.

Here are my twelve hour gingerbread men.  At least I have a picture to prove they were hung.  By morning they were all in children’s tummies.

This is the room off the entry way.  It’s meant to be an office, but would serve as my piano studio if I started teaching lessons again.  In the meantime, it’s a place to escape when the family room is full of people or noise.

The kitchen is still a project.  As you can see, there were no appliances when we bought the house.  The counters are a purple gray formica.  The linoleum is thrashed.

Changing the color of the walls helped tone down the purple tones of the counters.  It’s still cramped, but I love the extra tall cupboards.

And that’s about it, folks.  There are five bedrooms and four bathrooms.  I am hoping to work on getting curtains up and finishing touches put in place over the next year.  Who knows what next year’s holiday pictures will look like!



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