Review: Lifesize Weight Loss System

I cannot tell you how many times I have been on a weight loss mission.  At least every other New Year’s  and summer I begin to think about losing that pesky 15 pounds that refuses to leave.  You know exactly what I mean, don’t you?  If we aren’t watching fat, we are cutting carbs.  If we aren’t eating special soups, we are counting calories.  It’s pretty depressing; especially when those pesky pounds still refuse to leave for good.

Have you heard of the trick of picturing a deck of cards to figure out how much meat to eat?  How about a cassette tape for a slice of bread?  Do you see the problem with those figurative measurements?  There is an entire generation rising that doesn’t even know what a cassette tape looks like (or what it’s for, for that matter).  And as for the deck of cards, my children have over-sized cards to play Old Maid and Go Fish….could I use those instead?  Light bulbs…are they 3 foot fluorescent or mini Christmas tree sized?  While I am at it, could I use fuzzy car dice for the size of my cheese cubes instead of playing dice?

See, I have a serious problem.

This is where the Lifesize System comes in to solve all of those problems.  This system is not a diet.  You can eat whatever you want.  You simply use the measuring devices to dip up the correct portions.  There is a different one for meat, carbs, saucy dishes (like chili or Chinese food), desserts, goodies, toppings, dairy and drinks.  It comes with two dvds to explain how everything works.

Lifesize Portions were developed by Steven Kates, a Hollywood trainer, based on 20 years of observing the amounts of food people without weight problems ate.  He found that those people ate whatever they wanted, they just ate less of it. The portions are the same for men and women.  Remember, though, there are free foods that can supplement your portions: all fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy (except frozen yogurt).

I have been Lifesizing for a little while now.  It hasn’t been hard at all.  In fact, sometimes I find that I haven’t eaten my allotted six portions by the end of the day because I have eaten so many vegetables that I am not hungry.  I will be honest.  I am surprised.  When I unpacked the box and saw what I thought were very small measuring devices, I thought I would be hungry.  I hadn’t realized that you get to fill the containers twice for some foods. I am still working on tweaking my diet here and there to get it right, but I can see myself using these for a long time.  I am not giving anything up!

You can learn more about Lifesize Portions here

fine print: I received a Lifesize system at no cost to me.  I received no other remuneration.  All opinions are mine.

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