Spam Casserole

Spam or Ham Potato Casserole

Two college kids and I just finished painting all of the new house.  For five days, I met them there at 8:30am and we worked steadily until 4pm.  I now have an official painting outfit.  I also threw out the official painting shoes.  By the end of the week, all vestiges of blue, yellow ochre, green, brown and meh white were replaced by a creamy lace color.

Spam or Ham Potato CasseroleI love to decorate and redecorate and then re-redecorate rooms.   However, I hate painting.  Not only is it messy, but I have bursitis and tendonitis in my right shoulder, so movements like painting can be uncomfortable over time.  So to facilitate easy room design changes, I went with a classy neutral that goes with just about every color imaginable (I know this for a fact because I held up every color to the paint chip before purchasing the 15 gallons of paint!).  Now I can change curtains, pillows, bedding and upholstery to whatever color catches my fancy and no matter what, it will go with my walls.

Spam or Ham Potato CasseroleWith all of this painting at a house with no kitchen appliances, dinner became a catch as catch can affair.  Easy skillet meals like this one are handy when the cook is exhausted but the family still needs to be fed.   And for those of you who find Spam revolting, ham works just as well.

This coming week, the tile goes in.

Spam Casserole
  • 1 can spam, cubed (if you hate spam, use ham)
  • 6 potatoes, sliced thinly (peeled if desired)
  • ½ onion, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp oil or butter
  • 4 eggs, slightly beaten
  • 1½ cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • pepper to taste
  1. Heat oil and layer onion, spam and potatoes until all are in your big frying pan.
  2. Cover and cook on med-low until potatoes are tender (watch that they don't burn)(about 30 minutes).
  3. Pour eggs over cooked mixture, then sprinkle with cheese.
  4. Cover and cook a few more minutes until eggs are set and cheese is melted.
  5. Sprinkle with pepper.

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  1. >I was showing my hubby orgjunkie and MPM. He noticed yours because it said spam casserole. I think we’ll be having that on our menu next week. Thanks for sharing.

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