Let Me Introduce the Improv-ers: Bakingaitch

The wonderful thing about blogging is that we all get to know people that we would never, ever in a million years meet.  And with the common denominator of food, we are all friends.  The Improv Challenge group has members who live all over the world.  Today’s guest is Helen from Bakingaitch.   She lives in England and is chronicling her sweet family and delicious food.

It seems months ago that Kristen asked if anyone wanted to guest blog and when my date came through as June I thought that’s ages away…and all of a sudden it’s June and I’m getting an email reminding me that that date is nearly upon us!

My big girl
Time is really flying at the moment and it’s all come home to me recently. I’m Mummy to Evie who is 3 and I’m 5 months pregnant with her little brother or sister. Exciting times but how did she get to be 3 already? My big girlI live in West Yorkshire in the north of England and I’m a busy lady – I’m a Mummy, a high school science teacher, I blog when I have time, including a project 366 blog where I have been putting a snapshot of my life every day. I enjoy crafting and of course I cook and bake. And I tweet a lot too as @bakingaitch!!

My family (daughter a bit shy!)

My family (daughter a bit shy!)

I like a challenge and when I spotted the “Improv Challenge” a few months ago I thought “This is for me!” I’ve had a few goes and enjoy seeing how different all the other recipes can be, when we all start with the same briefing of 2 ingredients. It is a lovely showcase of recipes, rather than a competition, which appeals to me too and I also enjoy seeing the American recipes and comparing them to how different British cooking seems to be: all good, just different!!

Here’s a recipe for a new potato and chorizo omelette that I have been inspired to make using British ingredients.
The potatoes are Jersey Royals which are only available at this time of year and only grown on the island of Jersey.Jersey Royal Potatoes complete with their Jersey soil.

(Jersey Royal Potatoes complete with their Jersey soil.)

The chorizo is really special – made in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Chorizo

(Yorkshire Chorizo)

Yorkshire Chorizo flavoured with garlic and oregano

(Yorkshire Chorizo flavoured with garlic and oregano)

Yorkshire eggs

And the eggs are laid by hens on a local farm and the yolks are yellow and taste beautiful. They are left at the gates of the farm with an honesty box for you to put your money in!

 New potato and chorizo omelette
Serves 2:
140g of chorizo sausage, sliced
Half an onion, chopped finely
400g new potatoes, boiled or steamed until just cooked
5 eggs, beaten
1. Fry the chorizo until it releases it’s oil and remove from the pan.

Sliced chorizo

2. Add the onion to the oil that the chorizo has left behind and fry over a low heat until softened but not browned.
3. Add the potatoes and chorizo and heat through.

Potatoes, chorizo and onion

4. Add the beaten eggs and let them cook gently. Finish off under the grill (broiler) to set the top or flip it over if you feel brave!! (I actually put it on a plate after grilling and microwaved for 60 seconds to just make sure that it was cooked in the middle.)

The completed omelette

Serve warm or cold with a salad for a lovely lunch or cut into wedges for a great picnic food…Great picnic food!!

Chorizo Omelette


Doesn’t that omelette sound fantastic?  I love Spanish chorizo (versus the Mexican variety).  We have a local butcher here in Jacksonville that makes it, too.  It’s so much fun to get local meats, so I can imagine that Helen’s Yorkshire sausage is delightful.  Thanks, Helen for introducing yourself to us and for sharing such a great dish!!

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