Frozen Grapes: Eating the Alphabet

Frozen Grapes in Grape JuiceI know.  This seems like a cop out.  Frozen grapes…big whoop.  However for someone (myself) who until just a few weeks ago had not ever had frozen grapes, this is a miracle.

Regular grapes, by themselves, are not anything out of the ordinary.  Once you freeze them, however, they become refreshing little bites of wonderful-ness.  They remind me of a combination of ice cream and candy.  On a hot day, there is nothing like them to ease the heat.  Eat frozen grapes by the handful or pop them into a drink to serve as ice.  By the time the drink is gone, the grapes will still be cold but easy on the teeth.

Frozen Grapes instead of JuiceNow, when I buy grapes, I bypass the refrigerator and head straight for the freezer.  I plop the bag in there and by the next day, depending on how many people raid the freezer, the grapes are ready for noshing.

Seriously folks, if you have never frozen grapes, you must.  Don’t let the summer heat get you down.  Combat it with GRAPES!!!

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