Spinach and Lentil Palak Dal: Secret Recipe Club

Palak Dal (Indian Spinach and Lentils)

It seems like forever since the last SecretRecipeClub!  I switched from the B group to the D group, so I got an extra 2 weeks off.  I am so excited this month to have been assigned to Shirley’s blog Enriching your Kid! where she chronicles her mom’s recipes as well as her own.  Her foods are wonderfully different than most anything I have every made.  It was so much fun to read her recipes and to decide what to make.  I almost made a curry, but then realized I had no idea where to get some of the crucial ingredients.  Then I thought of doing a paneer…but the last of my cottage cheese was eaten by an unnamed individual.  Finally, I settled on this lentil and spinach dish.  It was so full of healthful ingredients and had lots of flavor.  I served it with a little sour cream on top, though,  because at the last minute, I wimped out because of the spicy heat.

Palak Dal (Indian Spinach and Lentils)

I am going to admit right now that although I really enjoy eating Indian food, I know practically nothing about it.  So, when it came time to make this dish, I simply followed the instructions.  Except for one.  Okay two.  Dang!  I get an “F” in instruction following.  I didn’t soak the lentils and I didn’t stir everything together in the end.  Because I didn’t change the ingredients or anything major like that, though, I am not going to reprint the recipe on my blog.  You can find it HERE.

Palak Dal (Indian Spinach and Lentils)

This made a fabulous dinner.  I am thrilled to be discovering that many Indian dishes are gluten free.  I need to find a good Indian cookbook.  Can you recommend one?

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