Growing Mushrooms in my Dining Room

Home Grown Mushroom Kit

I know.  This is the weirdest thing ever.  Imagine the look on my face when I opened a large present from my husband on Christmas morning and found a wet sawdust block in a plastic bag with instructions on growing Shiitake mushrooms.  And there was the Good Guy, anxiously looking at my reaction, saying, “I just wanted to show that I support your blogging, honey.”  What a sweet husband.

Home Grown Mushroom Kit

And oddly enough, growing fungus in my dining room was a kick.  Every day, my sons would ask if I had “spritzed” my mushrooms lately.  It became a whole family effort to grow them.  When it came time to harvest some and cook them, I had an audience.  And they were quite delicious.  With all of the dried mushrooms I have gotten to play with since starting this blog, it seems I have not bought any fresh shiitakes.  I love the buttery taste!

Home Grown Mushroom Kit

Would you like to grow some, too?  It’s really easy.  My husband bought them from Mississippi Natural Products.  They say you can use the block to grow about 7 sets of mushrooms.  Watch out for future posts with mushrooms sneaking in.  The Engineer, who hates mushrooms, has a long-suffering expression permanently on his face.

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