Saturday Stories: What the Thinker Thought

I hear the weirdest things as I drive my kids to and fro.  Most of the time they are arguing…I think it’s because we are going through Puberty x 4 and there is testosterone and then some in my house.  However, sometimes they actually have conversations about cars,scientific inventions, computers, space travel, sports teams, etc.  Their conversations can be very enlightening for me.

For instance, the other day The Thinker and The Musician were discussing something that The Musician had read on Yahoo while checking his email.  *You should know that The Musician believes everything he reads on the internet and tries to back up his arguments with some mighty interesting “facts.”   You should also know that the Thinker reads books.   He spends the majority of his spare time reading nonfiction; encyclopedias, WWII books, hunting manuals, etc.  He considers himself something of an expert, too.

So, all of a sudden, I hear the Thinker say, “You know, it was Harrison Ford that invented the assembly line with his cars.”  I get really still at this time because I know I am about to start giggling and I want the conversation to run its full course.  The Musician, the junior in high school, answers, “Really?” (and I start wondering about our educational system).  Then the Thinker rejoins, “Yes, I just read about it,”  and the Musician accepts it as the truth.

At this point, driving 50mph, I lose it. “Bwaaaa!  Guys.  Hans Solo did NOT invent the assembly line.   It was Henry Ford”  Tears are running down my face, I am laughing so hard.  The Thinker gets a sheepish look on his face and I enjoy a rather cathartic laugh.

Sadly however, the Thinker did not learn from his mistake and when the subject came up in his school class the very next week, he proudly raised his hand and answered, “Harrison Ford” yet again.  His teacher was not amused.

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