Saturday Stories: The Value of Family Photos

I have always loved to look at old photos; especially photos from a really long time ago.  When I hold a photo that is over 100 years old and think of all the people, relatives, that held it before me, it’s like we are connected. I have been able to scan many of the photos that have been passed down for generations.  The oldest are two tin-types.  We don’t know for certain who they are, but the family suspects that they are my great great grandparents because the woman looks so much like my great grandmother:

Do you see a resemblance?  The mom was born in 1856, so the tin-type was taken most likely, in the 1870s…over 130 years ago!!
Here is one of a different great grandmother’s brothers.  Look at  the plane in the background!:
I love the hair on the boys in this photo of a great grandfather and his siblings:
 I work really hard to foster a kinship between my children and those who are already passed on because even though they are not blood relatives of my four sons, they are the people who passed on traits and habits that shaped who my husband and I have become.    I have photos of family above the kids’ computer area, so while they are waiting to download something, they can gaze up at the pictures and think. The middle collage contains all five kids when they were little.  The left collage is four generations, starting with my husband and me.
In case you think I am favoring Princess Pat, I have another wall full of the boys’ big school photos and a collage of just them.  Recently, I was contacted by to receive a free 8X10 of any photo.  I chose that picture up there in the right corner.
I have a painting of me when I was a little girl and I thought Princess Pat would enjoy having something like that when she got older.  The photo wraps around the edges giving it a fun finished look.
It’s not quite the same as the painting, but still, the canvas print is definitely cooler than a regular photograph. Maybe in another 100 years, someone will think these pictures are just as precious as I feel about the tin-types.
Do you have old photographs from your family?  Do you have them tucked into an old shoebox or do you display them?
fine print: all opinions and views expressed in this post are my own ~ I was given a free print from easy canvas prints.

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