Saturday Stories: Miss Contrary

This post is for my mom.

When I was a little girl, I was a bit argumentative.  If Mom said, “Oh look, Kristen!  What a beautiful day!”  I’d say, “No it isn’t.”  If someone said red, I’d say blue.   That trait diminished with time, but never quite went away.  My husband has done his best to help me overcome that flaw. However, the best thing that could ever cure me was that I ended up with a daughter just like me.

My daughter, Princess Pat, has a very sweet nature, don’t get me wrong.  She doesn’t exactly argue, she just has a different idea.  When she asks someone to name one of her stuffed animals, she listens politely and then tells them the name she decided on.    If she asks what movie we’d like to watch, she ends up telling us what she has picked  Perhaps this is awful, but it can be hilarious, too.

Last weekend, she and I were riding in the car by ourselves.  It was a bright sunny day and we were having a nice time chatting.  When it got quiet, I started singing the song “You Are My Sunshine.”  I cannot remember ever singing that particular song to her before.  I thought she’d enjoy it on a sunny day.  When I was finished, a sweet, happy voice piped up in the back seat singing:

I am sorry
But I have to
It’s my job
to bring the rain.
I bring dark clouds
so I have to
take your sunshine away.
How does she think up these things??

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