The Move is Over, Now to Unpack!


(High country of Arizona)

What an adventure it is to move across the country with five children and a cat!    We started our journey on Friday the 8th.  We had two car top carriers strapped onto our Suburban.  Malcolm, the cat, was in his cat carrier, the kids all had bags of snacks and I had about 50 DVDs for them to watch.   

(After Phoenix, the dessert became pretty flat and boring)
We made great time.  With enough food in our cooler, we didn’t have to stop for anything by gas and potty-breaks.  We had five states to travel through.  As each one passed, someone would say something like, “One down, four to go.”  None of my kids had ever been East of Arizona, so it was very exciting for them.
(New Mexico and West Texas were not too different than Arizona)
We counted trains.  We noticed how the rivers grew as we traveled east.   We spent the first night in El Paso.  It was good for my older kids to be able to see across to Mexico, to see the amazing contrast from one side of the river to the other. 
We spent Saturday and Sunday nights in Houston.  My brother lives there and showed us some sites.  The alligators were thrilling.   The humidity was not.  Ugh.  
We had to visit the Gulf coast, too.  The water was so warm and wonderful.  The sand in my car for the next few days….well, we have to take the good and the bad, right?!   We got a little stuck in the sand leaving the beach, but my brother and the boys pushed the car enough to get us back to the street.
This photo is just to prove that I have actually bought my kids pop.  At $.49 for 32 ounces, we couldn’t pass up the treat.  It made for a lot of happiness and quite a few extra bathroom stops.  We had just gotten out of the swamps of Louisiana and were excited to be in another state.   I stopped taking pictures at this point.  We got to experience some pretty horrible thunderstorms just after Mobile, AL.  The kids thought they were great.  I white knuckled it for a while.  Our last night on the road was spent in a horrible Comfort Inn in Chipley, FL.  If you are ever headed that way, it’s worth the extra half hour drive to Mariana.  
We are now in our new home just south of Jacksonville, FL.  I have spent the last few days unpacking and bemoaning the fact that I have too many kitchen gadgets and sets of dishes.  I will be hitting the second hand stores soon looking for bookcases and maybe even a hutch.  The kids are pretty sick of hot dogs and  grilled cheese.  I bought some peaches to make a pie tomorrow because I just want to bake again.   I have to go on a search mission to find the right cookbook…and maybe a pie plate, too 🙂  I will post the recipe soon.  I am anxious to see how photos turn out in new light.

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