Cookbook Review: The NFL Gameday Cookbook


NFL Gameday Cookbook

The NFL Gameday Cookbook by Ray Lampe aka Dr. BBQ is not exactly the kind of cookbook you would normally see on my bookshelf. After all, I am not a big NFL fan, nor am I much of a sports entertainer. However. When I saw this cookbook with the amazing ribs on the front, I couldn’t resist checking it out.  Besides, isn’t there a big game coming up?

This quirky book is pure football from start to finish. With chapter titles like “The Equipment Room,” “The Game Plan,” “Super Bowls (soups),”, “The Play Book (entrees)”, “The Kick-off” (appetizers)” etc, you get right into the spirit of the game. Thrown in amongst the recipes are pages with the stats of every NFL team with information about the team, the stadium and Dr. BBQ’s suggestions for food appropriate for watching that team. For instance, for an Arizona Cardinals game (I picked them simply because I live in AZ), you may want to eat Grilled Avocado halves, Barbecued chicken nachos, Fresh breakfast burritos, Catfish tacos, Spicy spareribs, Loaded cornbread casserole and a plate of melon. Each team menu is locale oriented.
There are only pictures in the center of the book. They feature mouthwatering photos of a smattering of dishes. My favorite is the macaroni and cheese soup. I cannot wait to try that out. The nutella rice crispy bars don’t look too bad, either. I am always in favor of photos. The more I can see the dishes, the more apt I am to try to make them. I do wish there were more pictures in this book.
You will not just find finger food in this cookbook. There are full-blown entrees like pot roast and ribs. There are soups, salads (do men watching football really eat salad?), desserts, drinks, and even a few breakfast treats. I believe Dr. BBQ expects die hard football fans to focus on their game all day long.
So, there you have it. A fun, different book for the football maniac in everyone’s lives.

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