The First Apple Pie of the Year

Apple Pie

Autumn is pie season as far as I am concerned.  Throughout the long hot Arizona summer, I avoid turning on the oven as much as possible, but as soon as the temperatures dip below 80, I am back in the kitchen.  When the temperatures dip below 70, I do a dance and spend most of my time baking.  It’s really hard to be so dependent on the weather, because Mother Nature hardly ever plays fair.  This fall, for instance, has been just an extension of summer.  We had a teaser weekend of 60 degree weather in September, but mostly it has remained in the upper 80s and lower 90s.  You can bet I made an apple pie during that cool snap, though.

Apple Pie

Apple pie in our house is a simple affair.  Only cinnamon is allowed to grace our apples.  This little pie (and it was little compared to some of the 10 inch pies the are produced around here) was sweetened with blue agave nectar; just to see how it worked.  In fact, unlike the normal apple pies I bake, I only put a scant 1/3 cup of sweetener in it.  I used some Gala apples, as well as Granny Smiths to increase the sweet factor.  A mix of apple varieties in a pie always makes for better taste.

I have already posted my apple pie recipe, but I wanted to celebrate the first pie of the season.  It was such a treat.  In fact, I am heading out to the kitchen to make another one today.  How about you?  Do you celebrate Fall with apple pie?

Here is my pie crust recipe, too.


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