Saturday Stories: Memorable Cakes


 Last week, I showed you some of the beautifully decorated cakes that my grandmother made. My mom also taught herself to decorate cakes. She didn’t limit herself to standard wedding cakes, I believe besides mine, she made a few others, but it wasn’t a business.
I remember a few of her creations over the years. She made an amazing Easter egg when I was about six or seven. She bought the Wilton egg mold and very carefully put it together. She spent a few days making the flowers, placing them on their little squares of waxed paper all in a row on a cookie sheet. When Mom was making flowers, she was very intent. Interruptions were not met with cheerfulness. That was when I learned that when Mom had a cake to decorate, it was better to just leave her alone.
One year, Mom participated in a charity auction. She made pairs of Raggedy Ann and Andy cookies. She spent all sorts of time decorating them. They were amazing when they were finished and brought a goodly sum to the organization hosting the auction. She never made them again…too much work for something that was eaten in seconds.
When Mom was pregnant with my brothers, who are significantly younger than I am, she made “Birth Day” cakes to take to the hospital when she delivered them. She invited all of the nurses and doctors to come into her room and have some after the babies were born. It took some of the attending medical personnel by surprise, but the cake was always well received.
For my wedding, Mom worked extra hard. We had the reception in our home. She made all of the food and oversaw the kitchen helpers all the while doing her best to fulfill her duties as mother-of-the-bride. The wedding cake was the piece de resistance. She used the same recipe that Mamie had used in baking Mom’s wedding cake. The porcelain bride and groom figurine was the same one that had been on her cake, too. It really was lovely…and tasty, too.

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