16 thoughts on “I Learned a Lesson, Mom

  1. >Poor baby. My toddler broke his arm back in March. The cast was same way so it was probably the same break. It was healed in a month.

  2. >Oh Kristen!! Poor baby- she obviously DID learn a lesson! OUCH! My Christopher learned a lesson on the same arm 3 years in a row :(
    Just got back and catching up- so sorry it looks like you had a rough week. Allie loves the pink though!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. >Oh no! We had two visits to emergency this week too. Fortunately no breaks – just open wounds being glued shut. Sheesh. These kids…

  4. >Uh, oh! That's not good! I hope she is able to handle the cast! In spite of her boo-boo, I hope you have a great Wordless Wednesday!

  5. >Poor little thing! With that cute, sad face how can you tell her anything. I feel so sorry for her!Hope she gets well soon. It is quite difficult at this age to have a broken hand or foot.

  6. >Aww! I can relate. I've broken 26 bones in my 31 years. Tell her she picked a good color LOL

    (visiting from BF and TwitterMoms)

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