Saturday Stories: Happy Mother’s Day


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a special day to honor our moms for all they have done for us, but I would also put to you that this is a day to honor all those who have mothered us along the way.  A mother cannot be with her children 24 hours a day.  She must entrust them to teachers,  baby sitters, aunts, grandmas,  nurses, and even their friends’ moms.  Each of us as women have the opportunity to mother as we comfort a child who falls down, say “hello” to a neighbor child, or help a nephew with his homework.  All of us, whether or not we bear children can fulfill the role of mother.

We all have different circumstances in our lives.  Some of us have the “ideal” family with husband and children, some have never been married, some have husbands but cannot have children, some have children but no longer have a husband, and some have raised all of their children and are empty-nesters.  Regardless of our situations, we can still be a positive influence on children.  As much as I love my own dear mother, there have been many times in my life that I have been mothered by other sweet women.  I recall a Sunday School teacher when I was eleven, my piano teacher when I was fifteen, my 2nd grade teacher when I was seven and a special neighbor when I was a newlywed.  Even at my age, I still can feel a motherly influence from the older women I know.

I would hope on this tender day, that all of you might have someone in your life for whom you can be thankful.  I know from my own experience that this can be a painful day to endure.  I believe, however, when a door closes, a window is often flung open.  I am grateful for my four sons that didn’t grow under my heart, but in it.  I pay tribute to their birth mothers who had the courage and love for their babies to let me be their mom.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Stories: Happy Mother’s Day

  1. >Happy Mother's Day Kristen. I am VERY sure that those 4 birth mothers are eternally grateful to you too.
    xoxo Pattie

  2. >Happy Mother's day to You also, I'm sure those mothers are more than overjoyed that you are their mommy. motherly influence is so important, I have also had many women who have cared and shown me so much..hugs


  3. >Today is actually BIRTHmother's Day. How interesting that you would mention your 4 adopted children.

    My heart is full, because we just received the news that our oldest daughter and her husband are now beginning the process of adoption after being married for three years.

    I truly appreciated your words.

    We ALL can be mother's to a child somewhere and sometime regardless of our situation.

    HAPPY BirthMother's Day and Mother's Day!!

  4. >I will so be making these. They are my favorite all time girl scout cookie. Happy Mother's Day!

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