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  1. >I first tried mole when I had to stay in Mexico for several months some years back. A good mole is awesome-a bad one can be horrible. This sounds wonderful and is going on my must-try list. Allie figures it has to be good-there's chocolate! Thank you!!
    xoxo Pattie and Allie

  2. >LOL Mole` or Mole! or Mole-e-

    My Cat brings me Moles from the garden. Its not nearly as edible. 🙂

  3. >Remarkably, since I love both chocolate and Mexican food, I have never tried mole sauce! I think I got scared when a friend told me it was terrible (maybe she just had a bad version). I'll have to try making it at home.

  4. >It's funny that I've never had it considering it has chocolate in it! It really does sound delicious! Glad you linked it up!

  5. >I have always wanted to try mole since it has chocolate, but I don't eat meat. WIll have to try this recipe at home and pair it with an analogue or with some vegetables.

  6. >I've heard this word but never ate anything like this–and none of those ingredients would be available locally (though there is a significant Latino population, so I'm sure I just need to find the right grocery store for some imported spices). Fascinating combination of ingredients!

  7. >Happy Hermit: Have you tried?
    Jehara: several recipes used pumpkin chunks instead of meat

    I knew you had done the Recipes to Rival challenge because you posted your picture but when I went to look for it, nothing. Glad I finally found it. great job and I am glad it got the goldilocks seal of approval.

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