A Love Note

My grandparents were married just a few years shy of 70 years when they died less than a year apart.  My grandfather fancied himself something of a poet and often wrote poems for people and special occasions.  This is one he wrote to my grandmother:

Be A Merry Married Man
So many years of ecstasy
No mortal should deserve.
Her loving trust and constancy
Are treasures to preserve.
This has been Utopia
And you can share joy too
Just kiss your bride “Good Morning”
And bliss will follow through.
Then after work do hurry home
To greet your charming Mrs.
She’ll be there, with love to spare
And food that’s most delicious
What better thing on earth for two
Than tender matrimony
And a child or two, God’s gift to you
And to “your one and only.”
With the gold certificate
That makes you Man and Wife
You may live and love forever
‘Tis guaranteed for life
Treat her right, both day and night
She’ll say that you’re divine,
Or something else for your delight
–Whatever comes to mind.

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