13 Family Food Pictures

Me and The Musician in about 2002.  He has always loved to help in the kitchen.  These days, he is investigating culinary schools…and he’s as tall as me!
Here are The Engineer and The Comedian  making cupcakes with Princess Pat.  She seems to be eating more than she is baking.
Here is The Thinker on his 11th birthday.  It was one of the few years he had a cake instead of pie or cookies.
The next two pictures were taken around the table, while the three younger boys ate lunch. Circa 2003
Here’s  the Harried Homemaker up to her elbows in food.
I am not sure what the Comedian is eating here.  I remember he was thrilled that he got to eat “the rest.”
Princess Pat is the only one of my 5 kids that asks if she can do the dishes.  I know, from experience, that will soon end.
Thanksgiving 2007.  We served the food in the kitchen and carried our plates to the dining room.  I am tired just thinking about all of that cooking.
We have a step stool in the kitchen that Princess Pat thinks is hers.  Every time any of us gets ready to make food, she pipes up, “Me, too!  I’ll help.”
Picnicking in the mountains.  The Musician, as the oldest, often takes the role of foreman, whether his younger brothers like it or not.
Here’s an oldie.  The Good Guy and me cutting our wedding cake.  My mom made it using the recipe that her mom used to make her cake.
Finally, here’s one of my grandmother, Mamie, in the kitchen of restaurant she ran out of her home in the 1950s.  She is so young and full of energy.

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  1. >It must have been very enjoyable to sift through those photos. There's a strong family resemblance between you and your grandmother.

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