Saturday Stories: Saving Hidden Treasures


For the last week, I have been going through drawers and cupboards in my parents’ house, scanning everything I could find.  I have found some really interesting things.  For instance, my grandfather’s sister was a published author.  She submitted poems and stories to such magazines as Ellery Queen and Family Circle.  I found birth and death certificates, report cards and even my great grandfather’s autopsy report.
Some, okay, most of the pictures in the house have not been preserved in acid free conditions.  Some of the photos with ink pen written on the back have bled through to the front.  Some of the pictures have been taped into scrapbooks with what looked like first aid tape.  Some of the pictures were torn or damaged in some way.  By scanning them into my computer, hopefully I have preserved them so that even if the original disintegrates, we will still have the images. 
Here are some of the treasures I found:
 This is my grandfather as a teenager with my grandmother on a date
See how the tape around the edges damaged it?
Here is my grandmother with her father.  He died soon thereafter in a railroad accident.
It is the only picture we have of them together.
Here is a picture of my great grandmother’s brothers:
It is torn and wrinkled.  I don’t think it will last another generation.
Finally, here are my great grandmother’s parents.
 I am so glad that modern technology has been developed to save these precious pictures.  Not only will there be no fights over who gets them because I can make a copy for all of my family, no one has to touch the originals.  We can put them in an archival safe box and keep them as safe as we can.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Stories: Saving Hidden Treasures

  1. >How very wonderful to recover these. I was absoloutley stuned when I saw a photo of my grandmother as a child. Even more so to see a photo of her grandmother (whom I Look Exact to).

  2. >This is a great idea. My Auntie died June 2001 and they sent me her things. In 2003 Feb our basement flooded and many of the old, old photographs were ruined. I have been wondering what to do and now perhaps I will start a new blog dedicated to her memory and my other relatives. Thanks for this.

    I added the text to my side bar on skdd dot wordpress dot com and there is the name and a box, without your lovely photograph. But when I click the box it does bring me hers.

    We never got this resolved and I should love to have a URL link for the photograph so I can try to manipulate and get it to work.

    Please stop by Half Hour Meals 8PM tonight and hang out with us!

  3. >I really enjoyed seeing your precious photographs. Your great grandfather bears a resemblance to David Crosby (at least to me). Reading your blog is like taking a mini vacation, pure joy.

  4. >beautiful-i love reading all ur posts but this is pure nostalgia-a delight to my heart!!!Love ur ideas & what u have done!!!

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