Saturday Stories: Halloweens of My Youth

>I have had a hard time getting my parents to cough up some good stories of their Halloweens.  I still have another week, though, and will keep trying.  In the meantime, here are a few of my own memories.

For me, Halloween was always about dressing up.  I played dress up whenever I could as a child and Halloween was the ultimate day, because I could actually leave the house and parade around in public.  My parents blamed this on my being a Scorpio. 

Here I am as the “Queen of Hearts”  I love how my mom just cut out red construction paper hearts and pinned them on my dress.  The crown was cardboard covered with foil and hearts.
My grandmother made this wonderful bridal costume for me.  I wore it over and over until it no longer fit.  It was my favorite dress up costume. 
This is one of the few “store bought” costumes I ever had.  Usually, mom made something or I dug something out of the dress up box.
I am the one on the left.  I was wearing my mom’s old band cape and an old dress she wore to a dance.  That yellow dress was another of my all time favorites.  It was all lace and poofs.
This pirate costume was a combination of normal clothes and a little make up and a bright scarf.
This was probably my most memorable Halloween, simply because I ended up not being able to pull off the costume.  I went to a church party where everyone was dressed up and then went to a friend’s house where no one was.  I spent the night in the bathroom trying to look normal, but ended up looking terrible.  So much for my punk look.
Finally, this is me with my little brother in the 1980s.  I was at the age where dressing up was not cool.  He and my other brother went as clowns that year.  Mom made the costume.  I still laugh at the wig.

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