13 Nicknames in Our Family

>For some reason, none of my grandparents were called the traditional “grandma.” It wasn’t until I married into the Good Guy’s family that we used that name. His sister already had 3 kids, so his mom already had her name. Have you noticed that the oldest grandchild gets to name the grandparents? Here are some nicknames we had/have in our family:
1. Mamie (my mom’s mom)
2. Bumpa (my mom’s dad)
3. Gram (mom’s mom’s mom)
4. Bunk (mom’s mom’s dad)
5. Nonny (mom’s dad’s mom)
6. Pa (mom’s dad’s dad)
7. Granny (dad’s mom)
8. Mamaw (my mom)
9. Bapaw (my dad)
10. Grandma (Good Guy’s mom)
11. Grandpa (Good Guy’s dad)
12. Mamacita, Mom, Momma, Mommy, Hey-Mom, (names my kids call me)
13. Kiki, DeetDah, and Naan (names my little brothers called me)

Thursday Thirteen is here.

14 thoughts on “13 Nicknames in Our Family

  1. >Always interesting how many names there are for grandparents. My dad was "Bompa" to some of my nieces and newphews. Thanks for visiting!

  2. >#9 is just too sweet for words. [excellent idea for 13]

    My 13 is a mixture of funny and fact this week! I also started my 3rd year of October Halloween Treat hand outs on my blog to all the 'visitors' [trick r treaters] who stop by! Come on over!!!! [You'll need to scroll down a bit below my Thursday Thunks Meme entry to view my 13] Happy day to you….see you at my October Abode!

  3. >I love this idea for a list. Interesting to see what nicknames other people use and why they are chosen.

    I am Mamaw to my grandchildren, my husband is Pepe. My Dad is always called Papa Kole. Started with his grandkids, now everyone calls him that.

    Happy TT!

  4. >Oh my, great nicknames. They can be lots of fun – and also a hassle if folks never get past them. Wonderful TT!

  5. >I love this list! We were pretty straightforward in my family – we called both grandparents Grandma and Grandpa but tacked the last name on: Grandma Doucet & Grandma Phillips.

    My friend had various names for their grandparents. Nanny & Grampy was the most common.

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