Saturday Stories: An Example of Love

When I was a teenager, full of myself and fairly oblivious to everything else, I witnessed an act of “going the extra mile” that has always stayed with me.

I lived in Michigan and it was winter. Winters on Lake Huron were bitter cold. Somedays the wind chill dipped well below zero.

On Sundays, my dad often drove separately to church because he had extra meetings before or after the main worship services. One such Sunday, we arrived home, mom started making dinner and we waited for dad. He usually arrived home about an hour after us. This Sunday we waited and we waited and waited. This was long before cellphones and Mom was starting to get upset. I think it was a combination of worry and consternation.

Finally, dad pulled into the driveway and walked into the house. We all met him at the door, wondering why he had been so delayed (it was a good couple of hours after he should have been home by now). He said that he had been driving through town and had seen a young man walking north in the cold. He had stopped and offered him a ride. The young man said he was headed for the next town to the north (30 minutes away). Dad drove him the whole way, gave the guy his new leather gloves and hat, and then drove all the way home.

I have always admired my parents’ selfless service toward others. This is just one example amongst a myriad of acts of kindness they have shown their fellowmen throughout their lives.

One thought on “Saturday Stories: An Example of Love

  1. >What a wonderful example of giving!

    My Dad would give you the shirt on his back, even if that meant he wouldn't have a shirt!

    He one time befriended a homeless man in our town – he was a drunk, but my Dad saw something in him.

    He brought him home, cleaned him up, took him the barber shop and got him all trimmed – it was a true makeover!

    Imagine my Dad's disappointment when three weeks later he was back to his old ways!

    Thanks for sharing your story!

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