Some Recipes for Kids in the Kitchen

Fun Activities for Kids in the KitchenTo fight off the attacks of boredom that occasionally hit during summer vacation, I sometimes offer my kids things to do in the kitchen (other than washing the dishes, that is!). Here are a few things we have done in the past.

1. Homemade Soft Pretzels
2. Peanut Butter Candy (great as an edible play dough)
3. Finger painting with instant pudding
4. Ice Cream in a Bag or can
5. Fudge in a Bag
6. Homemade milkshakes (the kids love to drop in fruit or help pour the milk into the blender, help cover it, push the buttons and of course divide it into equal portions)
7. Sandwich Roll Ups: Let the kids roll a rolling pin over a slice of bread until it it really thin. Spread on the sandwich fillings or layer a piece of meat and roll up.
8. Depression Cookies: Hand the kids a bunch of graham crackers and a tub of frosting.
9. For children too young to see through this activity, fill a spray bottle with water and hand them a sponge. They will have a ball mopping your floor.
10. Also for younger children, fill the sink with a bit of water and more dish soap than usual and let them “wash” the dishes. They will have a ball standing on a chair helping Mom. (it always gets back to cleaning up the messes we make, doesn’t it!)


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  1. >Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving that great sushi link :o) I've enjoyed looking around your blog. The ideas in this post are great and sound like a lot of fun! We will try some of them this week. :o)

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