Saturday Story: Turn Around is Fair Play

> Today’s story is a short one.

When I was a little girl, my parents took me on a long trip to Disney World. I don’t remember how many days we stayed there, as the trip involved seeing old friends and historic sites as well. I remember snip-its of the experience such as the Haunted House and the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. A few things stand out, however.

I must digress slightly here and confess that I don’t like roller coasters. It’s not just a mental thing, it’s physical, too. I can’t tolerate g-force at all. When I was 3, my mom took me on a baby roller coaster, you know, the tiny, slow, little kind. I started screaming immediately and Mom asked the operater to stop it, but he didn’t and I fainted. I never go on roller coasters.

So, back to this Disney experience. I was completely ignorant of what kind of rides were located at this wonderful theme park. I had never been to a big one and frankly, I don’t think Disney World was that old at the time. Anyway, Dad and I left mom sitting on a bench and started walking into this tunnel. He told me it was a space ride. As we walked through this tunnel, there were space scenes behind glass windows. I thought maybe it was going to be like “It’s a Small World” only in outer space. Finally we got to the end of the tunnel and there it was. A roller coaster. We had been winding our way up into Space Mountain. I wanted to run, I wanted to go find my Mom, but I could only go forward. I endured a heart rending few minutes of darkness and flashing lights and burrowing into my father’s arm. Ugh.

But Dad got his. That night, we went to one of the Disney restaurants. Dad ordered something colorful, I don’t remember what. We ate our dinner and prepared to leave when Dad realized that he had been wearing white pants, not brown. And the napkins were brown, not white. Yes, you guessed it. Throughout the meal, dad had been wiping his hands on his pants and not his napkin.

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