More Bulk Storage Ideas

Last week, I wrote a post about getting plastic storage buckets from your local bakery. I am including some pictures below as well as another cheap and easy way to store bulk food. Here is an old raspberry bucket that is now a powdered sugar container.

This one is now home to granulated sugar.

I have stored these buckets in laundry rooms, under stairs, in the garage and in the basement. Now they are at the bottom of built in pantry shelves.

Another great storage container is the unappreciated Christmas popcorn tin. Most of us have received one or two in our lifetimes….they also tend to go on sale for Cheap after the holidays. This one stores chocolate chips (that I got during an amazing sale)

This specialty tin (Halloween) holds specialty chips (vanilla, butterscotch, peanut butter, milk chocolate):

I also use these for raisins and pasta.

Most of these tins were gifts, so they didn’t cost a thing.

5 thoughts on “More Bulk Storage Ideas

  1. >Check out my blog. I am giving you the “Your blog is Lovely” award. Come pick it up!! Congrats

  2. >The nice thing about having chocolate in those tins is that it’s hard for your children to open!

    I usually buy chocolate chips in 5lb bags from Sam’s Club. I pour the opened bag (but I have more than on bag) into a large metal can with a plastic lid (leftover can from buying nuts in bulk from Sam’s Club).

    I use lots of buckets as well.

    I have pictures of my pantry on my site if you want to see how I organize it all.

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