Buying in Bulk, Storing in Bulk

Ideas for storing staples you buy in bulk, like  25 pound bags of flour, sugar etc.It is usually in our best interest to buy food in bulk: sugar, flour, pasta, rice, etc. Pound for pound, bigger bags almost always cost less. So, we go to Costco or Sam’s Club or we get together with neighbors or church friends and buy from a co-op or make a big group order from some mail order grain store. The thing is, after we get home with our 25lb bags of brown sugar and rice, what do we do with them? If we leave them in the paper sacks they came in, chances are they will either tear or some vermin of some sort will get into them. I advocate pouring your product into a storage container.

Some places sell white buckets for just that purpose, but the best place to get them is your local bakery. Did you know? Bakeries get buckets full of fillings and frostings. These are obviously food grade plastic (a must when storing food!!) and what do bakeries do with them? They throw them out! I went to my local Safeway in WA and asked for some and they just gave them to me. On another occasion, I had to pay $1 per bucket, but that is still cheap. You will want to wash them out thoroughly, but you will have a great way to store bulk foods for long term. Put some bay leaves in your grains to keep out meal fly larvae. Bugs hate bay.

Another great storage container is the unappreciated Christmas popcorn tin. Most of us have received one or two in our lifetimes….they also tend to go on sale for Cheap after the holidays.  Most often, these tins are gifts, so they don’t cost me a thing!

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  1. >Jendeis – I use bay leaves in all my grain, simply because (and this is gross) you never know if there are insect eggs already in the grain.

  2. >Great idea. Next time I’m at the grocery store I’ll have o check with the bakery to see if I can get any of these containers. Thanks for the tip!

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