13 Feelings About a New Kind of Adventure

>Tomorrow, I am expecting my first shipment of growth hormone to arrive for The Comedian Son. This has been a long awaited event. It took 4 pediatricians before one said, “you might be right, your son is really small.” Below are the emotions I am feeling about the entire thing … hopefully I will reach 13.

1. anxious – that we see results soon
2. excited – that a solution may be at hand
3. thrilled – that the feelings of inferiority that my son has may be aleviated
4. scared – that I will do something wrong
5. frustrated – that it took so long to get doctors to listen to me
6. elated – that the insurance is paying for it
7. interested – in learning a new albeit weird skill
8. glad – that the name calling and teasing about size may soon stop
9. amused – that he said he’d be just like his grandparent that takes insulin shots daily
10. squeamish – that I have to administer these shots
11. vigilant – in the amount of instructions I have to absorb
12. curious – as to how many of you may know someone who has had to take growth hormone shots?
13. sad & proud that my sweet little boy has to endure the discomfort of shots daily until he is 18 but that he has a great big brave attitude towards it

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20 thoughts on “13 Feelings About a New Kind of Adventure

  1. >I do know someone who took them and grew to 6 foot it was very helpful to him but he did have a few over emotional times (don’t know if they are related)

  2. >I hope it all works out and he’s okay after the meds!!!!

    My 13 is posted. Either use the link provided at the top of my Thursday blog or scroll down to the bottom of the entry. It?? English for Dummies!??.fun. Have a great day.

  3. >Sorry I can’t offer any info. I don’t know anyone who has used these shots.

    Hope it all works out for you and your son!

  4. >Hope everything goes well. Hang in there and keep praying. Besides, you have thought this through and no one knows your child better than you.

  5. >Have lived through this with my daughter. People don’t seem to understand that we are not doing it to just get our children in the “normal” height ranges but to protect their heart and bones. I wish you the very best and suggest a group called the MAGIC Foundation for Children’s Growth. They are amazing!

  6. >My son is 14 and has been on growth hormone for over 10 years. i too had to go through 5 pediatrtians before one would listen to me. At the age of four, my son was too young to understand why he had to take daily shots. It was truly a daily struggle, but they told me he wouldn’t reach 5 feet as an adult without it. At 14, he is already 5’7″ and still growing. It is no longer a struggle to get him to take his shot. In fact, he reminds ME he needs to take it. Hang in there. It’s worth it. Magic Foundation was a hlp to me as well.

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