13 Things For Which I am Grateful

>Last week I read a few thankful TT’s and I decided I needed to do one, too. Sometimes expressing gratitude makes life a little sunnier.
1. My relationship with God.
2. My husband of almost 21 years.
3. My children…even the teenager.
4. My parents and their amazing generosity.
5. My brothers and their sweet concern for my family’s welfare.
6. My cat and his funny purrs ~ he hyperventilates.
7. My health ~ mostly good.
8. Music in my home; sung by sweet little voices.
9. The ability to read. I’d be lost without it.
10. Modern technology: electricity, telephones, computers, automobiles, refrigeration
11. The view of mountains out my window.
12. Memories. Experiences. Maturity. Wisdom.
13. Trials. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?!

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9 thoughts on “13 Things For Which I am Grateful

  1. >The part “My children…even the teenager” made me laugh. Oh…how I remember having a teenager in the house. Now, my grandsons are teens and I can sit back and watch my daughter deal with them. LOL

    My thirteen is posted. Come visit and view some of my favorite personal photos I took of them….Clydesdales that is. Happy Thursday.

  2. >Love your list! I haven’t had a chance to do my list today. My husband had surgery on Tuesday and I haven’t been able to blog as much. The kids are home on spring break and DH is down for up to 2 weeks. It’s been kind of hectic around here. But again, even in the hectic there is blessings to be found. :)
    God bless,

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