Complete Proteins

complete proteinsIn the name of frugality, we have started eating a lot more legumes (beans, peas, lentils etc.). I have done a bit of investigating so that the meals I serve include complete proteins. Beans by themselves are lacking some amino acids and are therefore incomplete. Here are some acceptable combinations.

  • Grains + Legumes (like beans and rice, corn and beans, bean burrito, chili and cornbread, tofu and rice )
  • Seed or Nuts + Legumes (like in hummus, tempeh with sesame)
  • Grains + Dairy or Eggs (like bread and butter, rice and eggs, creamed corn, macaroni & cheese, cereal with milk, lasagna, quiche)
  • Vegetables + Dairy or Eggs (like sliced eggs in salads, vegetable omelettes, eggplant Parmesan)

I think it’s pretty amazing that societies all over the world, without scientists telling them, came up with great combinations all by themselves!!


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