Stone Soup

stone soupMost of us know the tale of the strangers that tricked a town into feeding them. Everyone contributed a little bit to the soup and it turned out delicious and filling.

Sixteen years ago, the Good Guy and I attended a church family camp-out. Dinner was “Stone Soup.” Every family was asked to bring one or two cans of soup – any kind. stone soup made from many cans of soupWe dumped them all in an ENORMOUS pot and heated it up. The result was a wonderful and unique soup. I was told it was a tradition to serve this every year at the camp-out and that no matter what kind of soups people brought, it always turned out well.

Nowadays, I make this on a MUCH smaller scale for my family. I choose 5 cans of soup; usually one cream, one with beef, one with chicken, and whatever else catches my fancy. Dump them all in a pot and warm up. It’s very economical and a real lifesaver on busy nights. Serve it up with some sort of bread product and Voila! a hearty, cheap, easy, yummy meal. It works for me!

Stone Soup
  • 4-5 cans of store bought soup, any kind
  1. Combine all soups in one pot.
  2. If using condensed soups, add required water.
  3. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes, stirring to prevent scorching.

stone soup like the boook

4 thoughts on “Stone Soup

  1. >Excellent tip! Frugal too – sometimes I have too much soup in my stockpile and have to rotate. Never thought of dumping a variety into a pot. That would also be a great addition to serving several friends at a dinner party. Just ask them to bring a can or two of soup and there you have one course. Thanks for sharing such a helpful tip.

  2. >Sounds a little risky throwing any kind of soup in, but I’ll have to try this. I’ve heard of people throwing all their leftovers from the week into a pot and making soup from it, so must be like that. 🙂

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