Saturday Stories: Bumpa

I originally started this blog with the idea that I would journal my life and that of my family. It has morphed its way into a mostly food blog, because at heart, I am a Foodie. I still have a great desire, however, to record family stories. I started out by posting a family recipe each week, but in 2009, I am going to take it one step further. Each Saturday, I am going to post a story about someone in my family: me, my kids or my ancestors. Who knows, maybe they will still be about food, too!

The point is, we all have great stories, but most of us don’t have them down on paper. (I am hoping cyberspace is just as good as paper). I am challenging myself and all of you to record those precious tales that will be lost if we don’t step up and do something about it. I figured that if I provided a means, maybe more of us could start saving our histories for future generations. One of my kids favorite activities is hearing stories about Mom and Dad. It was one of mine, too, when I was little. I bet it was yours, also.

Today’s tale is about my Mom’s dad, Bumpa. He was such a character, that I will have many stories to relate about him! He had many jobs during his life. He was what some would call a Jack-of-all-Trades. He tried everything but didn’t stick with much.

During World War II, for a little over a year, Bumpa had a bakery route. He’d load up his truck each morning with baked goods and peddle them through the neighborhood. One time, a woman looked over his goods and commented that she would love a lemon pie, but hated meringue. It was such a shame that he didn’t have a plain lemon pie. Bumpa told the woman that maybe he had what she wanted in the truck. He left her waiting on her porch, climbed in the truck, ate all of the meringue off a pie, wiped it up to make it neat and then presented it to her. She was thrilled and bought it on the spot.

Another customer of his was a fastidious school teacher. She said that Bumpa had better not ever try to sell her day old baked goods because she could tell when something wasn’t fresh. Well, Bumpa had a week old coconut layer cake that he just had not been able to sell. When the lady asked if he had one, he knew just what he was going to do! He took the cake out of the dusty old box and put it into a clean one. She bought it, and come to find out, gave it to a sick friend.


One thought on “Saturday Stories: Bumpa

  1. >I hope the friend who got the week old coconut cake was sick *before* eating the cake and not after. ;)

    Great meme!

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