Brownie Cheesecake

Brownie Cheesecake

It’s time for the monthly Improv Cooking Challenge!  This month our theme was “Ebony and Ivory.”  Bloggers all over the world were cursed with Paul McCartney’s voice singing in their brains while they mixed and stirred and baked. 

Meatball Quesadillas: an edible spaghetti western

Meatball Quesadillas: a real Spaghetti Western snack

This Spaghetti Western is true convenience food.  And yet, you can make it all with real food, too.  Homemade tortillas, homemade spaghetti sauce, homemade meatballs; this dish can take you hours to make, or you can whip it up in mere minutes.  It all depends on your food philosophy or your schedule.  You could even […]

Organize Your Shopping List with the Favado App

This post is sponsored by Savings Connect and the Favado App. Are you a serious grocery shopper?  Do you sit with all of the local grocery ads spread out on the table before you while you compose a menu or shopping list?  Let me introduce you to the Favado app.  It will put all of […]

Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash

Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash: a one pan skillet dinner

Now that the weather is warmer, I have started walking my daughter to and from school.  Actually, she mostly rides her bike with her friends in the morning and in the afternoons, I walk down to the school to make sure she safely gets through the mass of big kids on bikes on the way […]

#Cookbook Review: The Healthy Slow Cooker

Slow cooker Millet with Strawberries: an alternative to oatmeal

Another cookbook review for you!  This time it’s all about easy and healthy meals made in the slow cooker.   Whether the temperature is cold or hot outside, your slow cooker can be your best friend, saving you time in the kitchen.  With the help of The Healthy Slow Cooker: 135 Gluten-Free Recipes for Health and […]

#Cookbook Review: A Taste of Pesach

Hungarian Brownies gluten free

I am excited to review this beautiful new book from the publisher of the Kosher by Design series. A Taste of Pesach: Trusted Favorites, Simple Preparation, Magnificent Results is not only filled with tried and true Passover recipes, it’s 95% gluten free.  So, as a non-Jew-but-gluten-free-eater, I am excited to spread the word about this […]

Chicken Orzo Soup

Chicken Orzo Soup

Do you add dill to your chicken soup?  I first saw it done when I was researching Chicken Noodle Soup as a Jewish grandmother’s cure for illness.  So many of those recipes had dill that I had to try it.  Now, it’s a required ingredient in my kitchen.  Boy! Does it ever ramp up the […]

Thin Mint Baked Oatmeal

Thin Mint Baked Oatmeal

A little while ago, my friend, Dionne from Try Anything Once blog, made and shared my baked oatmeal recipe.  Her pictures were so tempting that I knew I needed to make up a batch.  However, a craving for chocolate overtook me right about that same time, so I did a little tweaking.  The result was […]

Chicken Alfredo French Bread Pizza

Chicken Alfredo French Bread Pizza with Bacon

Years ago, I wrote my first sponsored post.  The gig was to come up with nine, yes NINE recipes for a well known company.  It was back in the day when my photos were still marginally awful bordering on grotesque.   In the last year, I have been culling those photos and even some of the […]

Mashed Potatoes and Turnip with Chives

Mashed Potatoes and Turnip with Chives

I am not usually a turnip fan.  My mother used to serve them plain, mashed with butter.  I hated their strong flavor.   Now that I am a grown up, thought, I can appreciate that turnips have redeeming value.  They are full of vitamins, dietary fiber, even calcium.  So I am trying to like them, through […]